Hotel & Gastronomy

In the service industry water is a key issue and often
doesn’t meet the required quality

Housing construction

Unique water quality for your entire home, by structural optimization and natural surface tension, without any electricity, salts nor chemicals.

Private households

Your sustainable solution for getting fresh water in a natural way, directly from the source to your home, without electricity, chemicals or ongoing costs – for a lifetime!


DHCC Consult deals with technologies for the sake of life, us and our environment!

One of our products is the DHCC water activator with Living WEM Water technology. WEM stands for water, earth and microorganisms – for a close affinity to nature.

Most importantly we want to pay attention to nature and to incorporate this attitude into our company’s philosophy and each one of our devices. It reflects the protection of our environment, your health, the conservation of resources as well as the sustainability of our products. The quality of water is very important for our well-being. The DHCC activator enables you to enjoy your water in spring water quality. In this spirit we wish you a lot of fun browsing our website and look forward to your interest.



More than


hotels & restaurants

Numerous hotels and restaurants enjoy the benefits of our systems – many of whom have been business partners for years.


private households

Our DHCC activator with Living WEM Water technology becomes more and more a complete solution for modern private households.


residential housing complex

Frequently, constructors offer this new kind of water quality free of electricity and chemicals, to their residents protecting their health.

Your benefits

Reduction of chemical products

A reduction by 40% in chemical products such as detergents and cleaning agents can be achieved due to the change in structural tension of the water’s surface caused by Living WEM Water technology.

Finally, chalk is under your control

Chalk can quickly become a serious problem. In order to counteract, our treatment with Living WEM Water technology leads to a conversion of the chalk molecules: persistent calcite is transformed into fine sandy aragonite.

Improving quality

A natural structure in water results in an increase of carrier quality. The taste of coffee, tea and syrup is intensified. Hence, the dosage can be reduced.

Environmental protection made easy

DHCC Consult offers numerous advantages: WEM-activated water helps you contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by reducing the amount of chemicals, cut down maintenance costs, prevent chalk and protect resources by using less water.