DHCC Consult deals with technologies for the sake of life, us and our environment!

One of our products is the DHCC water activator with Living WEM Water technology. WEM stands for water, earth and microorganisms – for a close affinity to nature.

Most importantly we want to pay attention to nature and to incorporate this attitude into our company’s philosophy and each one of our devices. It reflects the protection of our environment, your health, the conservation of resources as well as the sustainability of our products. The quality of water is very important for our well-being. The DHCC activator enables you to enjoy your water in spring water quality. In this spirit we wish you a lot of fun browsing our website and look forward to your interest.


For a life-time

The „Re-activation“ is equally unique as the fundamental functionality. Numerous long-term tests, elaborate studies and years of experience demonstrated that we can repeatedly reactivate devices every 6 years to guarantee full functionality for the next 6 years. Living WEM Water has been successfully tested up to 35° dH.

Protected and preserved

In cooperation with a company specialized in interference suppression technology it is possible to measurably reduce electro-smog pollution and its effect on our drinking water. Our water remains protected due to this ‘shielding’ technique and reaches every part of your house the way it is supposed to be.

DHCC Consult

DHCC Healthcare Consulting GmbH employs the highest of quality standards! As the number 1 distribution partner of Living WEM Water and distribution partner of Gabriel-Tech (TÜV-certified with ISO 9001:2008) we have found excellent companions enabling us to offer high-grade products and an exceptional product range to our customers.