Electric smog – what is it?

Also reduce the electric smog load on your mobile phone!

The subject of elektrosmog is already discussed in the media, but the real value is not known to many. This term refers to several physical field components and their interactions: electrical and magnetic direct and alternating fields as well as high-frequency radiation.When using a mobile phone, several fields are used:

Example Mobile phone:

Electric smog is produced, among others, Batteries, built-in loudspeakers, cellular networks, physical components, electrical and magnetic equilibrium or high-frequency radiation. In addition, the individual fields are mutually potentiated by their interactions. This results in an electromagnetic interference potential. Elektrosmog is everywhere: in our premises, at our workplaces and in our vehicles.

Even on lakes, in the forest or on fields, where only the natural earth magnetic field should actually be, we can today receive radio and television signals as well as phone calls with mobile phones. The most varied national elektrosmog thresholds are already defined, and the impairment of our health through elektrosmog is discussed at a scientific level. Health effects of a short-term effect of strong magnetic fields are scientifically acknowledged. Long-term impacts have not yet been sufficiently researched to make a definitive statement; however, some already published long-term studies leave nothing to be expected.


Meaningful prevention in mobile communications


Keep distance!

Keep distance from your mobile phone!Do not wear your mobile phone all day long: take it as often as you can from the (trouser) pocket and place it at a distance to your body.


Sleep without a cell phone!

Do not place or load your mobile phone on the night table or next to the pillow, but at the other end of the bedroom.It would be best if you kept your mobile phone in another room.


Wait for call setup!

If you are making a call, wait for the call setup before you hold the phone to your ear, as the transmission power is at its highest. For incoming calls, you should ring the handset several times before you take off.





When using a telephone with your mobile phone, use the hands-free kit or wired headphones to maintain the manufacturer’s recommended distance from the unit.


Alarm clock & Co

If possible, do not use mobile phones but corded or DECT phones with ECOplus mode. Use a battery-powered alarm instead of the alarm function on your mobile phone.


DHCC chip

Naturally, no one wants and can no longer do without the comfort of our mobile devices. Therefore, use the DHCC chip in the future, which can be used to reduce the physical influences measurably.

Especially for pregnant women:
Do not place your mobile phone (as well as your laptop and other electrical equipment) close to your waist.


DHCC chip on MSM basis

MSM – that stands for molecular structure modification.

The MSM mobile chip affects the so-called EMI potential (the electromagnetic interference potential) by field catalysis, which cannot be so pronounced. The EMI potential is a physical definition of the interference potential of various electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields at the superposition.

The MSM chip reduces the elektrosmog load through your mobile phone, your tablet or your laptop – and this is technically measurable!

Simply mount the DHCC chip on your mobile device and reduce the electromagnetic interference potential by over 90%. A sensible prevention!
Measurable successes! For further applications such as: WLAN, Bluetooth, computer, car, fuse box and other electrical appliances, please contact us directly.


 The MSM mobile phone chip is suitable for the following devices:

Cell & Smartphones

 (Devices with removable batteries)
Open the battery cover of your mobile phone and glue your MSM mobile phone chip directly to the battery or the inside of the battery cover.

Tablets & Smartphones

 (Devices with permanently integrated batteries)
Glue your MSM mobile phone chip directly to the back of your smartphone or tablet.


Glue your MSM mobile phone chip to the bottom of the laptop, best near the battery.

Note: In order to ensure adequate adhesion, the adhesive surface should be dry, free of dust and grease. Place the MSM mobile phone chip at room temperature and press firmly.

Measurable successes

The effect of the MSM mobile phone chip on the EMI potential is measurable. By comparing a pre-measurement (with test SIM card without MSM mobile chip) with a post-measurement (with test SIM card with MSM mobile chip) on the same smartphone and by the representation according to the traffic light principle, the effect of the MSM mobile phone chips clearly visible. Below measurements were carried out with the MSM mobile phone chip on a current smartphone.

Measurement (without MSM cell phone chip) Graphical representation of the EMI potential in the grid as well as directly on a standard art head


Post-measurement (with MSM mobile phone chip)
Graphical representation of the EMI-Potential in the grid as well as directly on a standard art head

The use of the MSM mobile phone chip reduces the EMI potential by 92.15%. With the kind permission of the Geophysical Research Group e.V. (measurement protocol 0563).

Manufacturer of the DHCC chip: Gabriel-Tech® GmbH • Max-Planck-Straße 9 • D-65779 Kelkheim (Taunus)
The quality management of Gabriel-Tech® GmbH is TÜV certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 for: providing services in the field of measurement, analysis, visualization and consulting with regard to the earth’s magnetic field, electric and magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves and joint interactions (EMI-Potential). For legal reasons, we point out that the Gabriel-Technology is neither a medicine nor a medical device.


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